Massive Louisiana sinkhole might ignite into a fiery explosion

A sinkhole the size of twenty football fields swallowing trees and swamps—like the one that evacuated Bayou Corne, Louisiana, a year ago—is already terrifying. But what's more scary might be what's happening now: the danger of an exploding sinkhole that will look like the gates of hell.


The sinkhole is currently burping up natural gases from under the ground, and officials are scared the whole thing could literally blow up in their faces.

Al Jazeera America reports that a few people have moved back into Bayou Corne, but the sinkhole is emitting gas and oil that could possibly ignite. That's terrifying. Texas Brine, the company many people blame for causing the sinkhole because of its work in the area, are currently digging relief wells to help dissipate the gas, as well as buying resident's homes as payback for screwing up in the first place.

Still, if the gas does bubble up enough to catch fire, there's going to be hell to pay.



really? you guys are picking this story up from Al Jazeera?

Just saying, there might better sources closer to the event...