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MasterCard is spreading its PayPass technology far and wide, and a simple tap of a little key fob device is as good as showing a credit card with no receipt signing to be done at all. Now the company has rolled out a program starting at Garanti bank in Turkey that involves this hoary-looking watch with an RFID chip embedded in it, freeing users from carrying credit cards. That is, if they're only making purchases less than 15 Euros.


These payment systems have been around for years—we remember sticking an RFID device on our car's back window for Exxon-Mobil more than 10 years ago, automatically paying for gas. It's convenience on your wrist, as long as you don't mind emitting electronic signals containing your credit card number all the time. But it's all secure, it really is. I'll have mine embedded under the skin, please, right here.

Press Release [MasterCard, via CrunchGear]

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