Matt Damon Has a Surprise for NASA in New Trailer for The Martian

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The second trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian is here and it’s surprisingly action-packed for being a story about a man stranded by himself on another planet. If you had any doubts about the necessity of seeing this when it hits theaters on October 2, I believe this will put them to bed.

Which is not unremarkable! Yes, Matt Damon is generally box office gold, and Ridley Scott is Ridley Scott. However, Scott has not been on a hot streak lately, especially with his most recent scifi movie. Additionally, Andy Weir’s original novel really gets into the science of how someone could possibly survive on Mars, which you’d think would turn mass audiences off. But this trailer is phenomenally exciting, and I’m thinking the movie’s basic story of a man trying to survive impossible odds may make The Martian the biggest “hard” scifi flick of the decade.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think The Martian will be big. Like, very big. Like, “the studio will try and figure out some way to make a sequel even though it makes no sense” big. Hmm...

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