Matt Smith Gets a Different Kind of Resurrection

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After he's regenerated as the Eleventh Doctor in the fifth season of Doctor Who, Matt Smith will experience a different sort of resurrection. In the first trailer for moody romance Womb he plays a man cloned by his grieving widow.


Smith announced back in February that he was about to start work on Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf's first English-language feature, about a woman (Casino Royale's Eva Green) so stricken with grief after her husband's death that she decides to clone him in the hopes of bringing him back. Now the trailer has been released, along with a more detailed synopsis:

When Rebecca returns to her grandfather's house, she meets her childhood sweetheart Thomas again. Thomas leaves his girlfriend Rose and their love picks up where it left off, until Thomas dies in a car accident. Devastated, the young woman contemplates suicide until she finds consolation in the idea of cloning. Although society does not fully accept it yet, she plans to give birth to Thomas, bringing her lost love to life (again). Living in Rebecca's grandfather's remote old house, Thomas grows up believing his father died in an accident. Rebecca never mentions cloning. In spite of their secret, Rebecca and Thomas lead an almost normal life until Rose finds out about them …

Certainly, with this blurring of lover and offspring, Womb will likely veer into some seat-squirmingly uncomfortable territory, but unlike certain other movies about trying to bring back loved ones via cloning (read: Godsend), it actually sounds like Womb will explore the ethical issues that surround human cloning, and the relationships and expectations that could severely impede a cloned person's individuality. And, though we get disappointingly little Matt Smith in the trailer, Womb could be an excellent opportunity to watch him spread his emotional wings.

[via Quiet Earth]



Well, that creeped me the heck out. I'm going to go try to get over the shivers now.