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Mattel Making Hybrid Video Game/Card Collecting System

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Aimed at kids too old for "plug & play" games, but not yet ready for mature content and expense of high-end video game consoles", the HyperScan system merges console gaming with a collectable card game. These kids, probably around age 5-10, can scan cards into the system to modify their characters depending on the traits of the cards.

During video game CD-ROM play, kids can pause and scan their collectible game cards to upgrade, modify and enhance their characters. Cards will be available in game packs where players won't know what cards they're getting.

The base set will come with an X-Men game and six X-men cards will retail for $69.99. Game packs with other games, such as "Ben 10" and "Interstellar Wrestling League", will retail for $19.99. Booster card packs by themselves will be $9.99.

Grab one for your kids this October so they can grow up to combine the facial-twitching nervousness of a console player and the social awkwardness of a collectible card gamer. Win-Win.


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