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Maxfield's Really Pretty Max-Sin Touch Digital Audio Player

Illustration for article titled Maxfields Really Pretty Max-Sin Touch Digital Audio Player

Illuminated, red touch-sensitive buttons are apparently "in" right now, and Maxfield's is joining the party with its Max-Sin Touch, a portable digital audio player that looks suspiciously like M-Cody's M-20. Capable of playing MP3, WMA (DRM'd or not) and Ogg Vorbis files, the Max-Sin Touch is based around 1GB of flash memory. (A 512MB version is also available is you're a penny pincher.) You can transfer music files to it from your Mac or PC over a USB 1.1 or 2.0 connection.


The OLED display is only two colors, but since it has such a hot body, you'll learn to ignore its other shortcomings. (Hey, just like real life!)


We'll have to wait a little while longer for price and release date.

Product Page [Maxfield via the Red Ferret Journal]

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You know, as sleek as it is... how about a bump or something to indicate where you are in that keypad so you don't have to look? The 3G iPod, while being touch controlled for buttons, had little depressions to indicate where the buttons were (and if you memorized the order, you didn't have to look, either)?

(Honestly, these things should be operable without looking at them... and a flat face isn't conducive to that. Imagine the fun you'd have if the keycaps of your keyboard didn't have those bumps on the F and J keys?)