McDonald's new customizable gourmet burgers look absolutely delicious

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Holy crap, look at this thing. Believe it or not, this delicious vision is a real life McDonald's burger ordered by some dude in Australia, not a marketing photo. It is one of their new gourmet burgers that you can fully customize using a cool touchscreen app. Check it out:

From his description:

Wooden serving trays, metal chip baskets, table service, and a range of fancy gourmet burgers. A little review of the new McDonald's Gourmet Burger Range, it's the first one ever in Australia and will be in every Mcdonald in Australia. Also Chicken burgers are soon to come to McDonalds. This is filmed at Showground Road, Castle Hill.

Sadly, it's only in Australia now but, knowing McDonald's history of trying products in one place of the world and then bring it to others, I wouldn't be surprised to see it soon in the US and Europe. Especially in the US, when there seems to be a burger renaissance right now.


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Fast food seems so much cooler in Australia.