Meanest wife ever forces husband to sell his 661-lb Lego collection

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The Local reports that a Swedish Lego enthusiast recently put up an advertisement selling his entire 300 kg Lego collection for $11,500. He claims he's selling his massive cache of bricks to save his marriage. Allegedly his "old bag" of a wife gave him an ultimatum: "Get this shit out" or it's over.

In the ad he wrote:

"You can make a difference! Save my marriage. The old bag said last Friday 'now get this shit out.' I don't know if it was me or the Lego she was talking about but I think it was the Lego."


The loot comes in dozens of containers and includes 300 kgs of bricks, 20 kgs of instructions, 44 kgs of wheels and "a practically complete collection of the Lego space range." Ugh. This guy sounds amazing.

Image via Todd Hunter McGaw

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