We've heard millions of rumors about a possible Media Center from Apple, but the folks at Unwired View have now uncovered what looks like the blueprints for such a device. The patent describes the architecture behind Apple's "Module Controller," a special bit of software designed to act as the liaison between all of your Apple hardware, controlling how your Apple components talk to one another. Here's how it'll work...

Each Apple component you own will have a software module that plugs into this Module Controller. The software modules will have all the menus and commands for each particular device. So when you fire up the Module Controller (be it from your iPhone or your iMac), the Module Controller will recognize which software modules are plugged in and it'll show you what menus are available to you. Once you make a selection, the Module Controller will recognize what gadget you're using and will make sure the menu/interface you choose is displayed in the right size and format for the gadget you're using. So if you're using an iPhone and call up an Apple TV command, the Module Controller will make sure it can display all of the Apple TV commands on a small touchscreen (your iPhone).


So essentially, the software (Module Controller) will let you access and control all of your Apple media from pretty much any Apple device. It appears like your house will have to be decked out in Apple hardware to get the most of it all, but for fanboys that shouldn't be a problem at all.

True Apple Media Center in the Works [Unwired View]