Meet Doctor Lollipop, the forest's foremost unicorn physician

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Kick off your weekend with a visit to Doctor Lollipop, unicorn physician extraordinaire. When a raptor ends up with a talking animal tummy ache, it's up to Doctor Lollipop and a few friends to kick up a happy ending.

Doctor Lollipop was created by Miss Kelly Martin and directed by Aliki Grafft for Cartoon Hangover. It has a pretty spectacular voice cast as well: Chris Diamantopoulos as Doc Lollipop, Dee Baker as Rawr the Raptor and the Big Bad Wolf, Rose McGowen as Dr. Coco and Little Red, Jason Marsden as Nurse Crackers, and Travis Willingham as Dr. Woodsman and the squirrel.

I can't say that this has convinced me to ask for a unicorn doctor for my next check-up, but I wouldn't mind see more birderlies.


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