Meet the Lucky Family That Lives Atop the City of Seattle

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In the penthouse of the Smith Tower, more than 35 stories and 362-feet into the cool Seattle air, lives an extremely lucky family. I want to live in a tower. I hate them.

OK. I don't hate them. The kids are adorable and the mom seems to have an artistic side. I'm just jealous. They, along with dad, are the Franklin family. They preside like overlords over Seattle in their two-story penthouse/lighthouse condo with one of the best views in the city.


Getting into the apartment sounds like an adventure:

To get to the penthouse apartment, the family rides up 35 stories past mostly vacant office suites, debarks next to an observation deck and a Chinese-themed banquet room, passes through a portal marked "private residence," and climbs two stories into the neo-Gothic pyramid.


No word of any trap doors, but I mean, come on... [NYT]