Meet the Man Who Just Replaced Steve Jobs

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Apple has a new Chairman of the Board, filling the spot vacating by the passing of Steve Jobs. It's Art Levinson, and he's no stranger to the company. Also a board initiate today? Disney CEO Robert Iger. Office party!


Levinson's been an Apple evangelist since way before he joined the board over a decade ago, championing the use of Apple hardware for his prior employer, Genentech. Accompanying Jobs on stage to coo over new releases, Levinson was always a tremendous fan of Apple's computing muscle and graphical capabilities—so it's safe to say the company's new chairman digs the company's products. It's also safe to assume he and Steve got along fine, if the latter was willing to share stagetime with him. [Apple]

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Nothing to See Here!

Just as I was getting used to Tim Cook, someone else takes over.

Have I been under a rock or has nothing happened to Tim for this to happen?