Meet The New io9 Interns

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This summer we've got a whole new crop of interns. Soon they will be getting their brain implants and churning out ideas that will make the future better - or maybe just weirder.

About herself Sarah Williams says:

At an early age I grokked how much cooler the X-men were then Barbie dolls. Screw The Dreamhouse, I thought, I want super powers. I'm a born and raised California native and have lived in and around the Bay Area for nearly a decade, going to all night diners, circus shows, opening night movies at the local speakeasy theater, and various geek gatherings. I am a Film school graduate, a art school drop out, and a start-up survivor. I am currently studying Creative Writing and Film Theory at Mills College. I like making out in planetariums. My favorite animals are Water Bears (Tardigrades). I have a geek crush on Nicola Tesla.I have an addiction to espresso-chocolate-guiness milkshakes. I'm literate in Cyberpunk and Steampunk, although primarily fluent in Goth. My sci-fi female role models are Zoe (Firefly) Molly Millions (Neuromancer), Faye Valentine(Cowboy Bebop),Dana Scully and Diana Prince.


Alexis Brown started her life dodging would-be Hollywood starlets in L.A. proper when she suddenly realized that the life of a box wine drinking hipster in Marin County might be the life for her. After a three-week, Two-buck-chuck bender, she awoke with a degree in Creative Writing from Dominican University of CA. Then, with a shrug, she opened another bottle, thought "two times the charm" and decided to pursue a Grad degree in the same thing. She is currently slaving away at publishing a YA sci-fi novel and learning how to cure the common hangover.


Stephen Goldmeier says about himself:

Way back in elementary school, my uncle showed me "The Empire Strikes Back." Since then, I've spent time immersed in the usual sci-fi varieties, from "Foundation" to "Firefly." My most recent addiction is to "Lost." I parlayed my fascination with sci-fi into an undergraduate degree from Otterbein College in chemistry and physics. I'm currently in law school at DePaul University, focusing on copyrights and cyberlaw. This summer, I'm also interning with a local intellectual property law firm. I spend a good portion of my time learning about anything I can and reading and writing about media, culture and technology. I spend the rest of it just generally wandering around slightly dazed.


Caitlin Petrakovitz says she is a 21-year-old San Diego State fangirl with a lot of experience voicing opinions and watching television. "Star Trek: TNG" and "Quantum Leap" were her favorite shows as a 9-year-old and she still firmly labels herself a Trekker. A love of all things scifi and tech-related has been reignited by the beauty of the J.J. Abrams gang's "Star Trek" and NBC's "Chuck." Her faith in humanity (and FOX execs) has grown with the renewal of "Dollhouse" and her love of "Fringe" is only slightly overshadowed by her love for former Bad Robot foray "Alias." She loves reading and long naps and dark chocolate and her favorite tv cop will always be Det. Bobby Goren.