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Meet Twindr, the Twitter/Tinder Mashup You Never Knew You Didn't Need

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There are so many apps! Some are useful. Most are not. Only a select few, however, manage to summarize a fundamental paucity of creativity with just their name. Twindr is one of those rare and magnificently solipsistic birds.

Twindr is not Tinder for twins, unfortunately, although there is a parody app that uses the same shameless portmanteau to explore that concept. It is, of course, of course, of course, a Twitter/Tinder mashup.


Twindr makes your Twitter feed look like Tinder, so you can swipe right or left on the accounts you follow. It provides a simple way to unfollow accounts by banishing them with a swipe. You can already unfollow Twitter accounts in a simple way by clicking "unfollow" within Twitter, so it's not like Twindr is solving a problem that existed as much as its capitalizing on how good it feels to rapid-fire reject strangers on the internet. (I would be on board with an app that allowed you to automatically unfollow any account that uses the phrase "it's about ethics in gaming journalism" but Twindr does not currently have that functionality.)

If you're following so many dud accounts that you need to download a separate app to find a more entertaining way to delete them, there's probably something wrong with the way that you're using Twitter.


Or maybe this is a brilliant idea. Make Twitter look like Tinder, sure! Why not make everything look like Tinder? Instagram might be more fun if there was a quick way to reject your friends' cat pics. Facebook might be more fun if you could just go through the people you know and decide whether they are HOT or NOT.

Except that was the original kernel of a doofus dorm room idea Mark Zuckerberg used to launch his social network, an idea that Facebook abandoned as too puerile to attract masses. Everything old is new again.

The internet is a frothing ouroborous and we are but dissatisfied passengers on the circular journey. [Daily Dot]