Mega Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Because Of Course It Is

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Kim Dotcom's Mega has been marching on into the future, so far without any sort of considerable pestering from one pesky United States government. In the meantime, Dotcom's been doing his best to beef the service up, offering cash money to anyone who can strengthen its encryption. And now Mega is taking Bitcoin. Because of course.


At the moment—and for the foreseeable future—you don't buy anything directly from Mega. Instead, you buy it from one of many retailers. The newest of these,, just happens to take Bitcoins. Users flush with coin can now spend it on additional storage and bandwidth for prices of five to 16 bitcoin a year, or .5 to 1.5 bitcoin on a monthly payment schedule.

As an organization that has never found itself particularly friendly with governments, it makes sense that Mega would want to accept what is essentially the "Internet currency" and those out there who trade in 'coins are probably glad to see their currency accepted. Now, will this lend any more legitimacy/popularity to the currency? Probably not, but along with the encryption rewards, it goes to show the kind of community Mega is trying to get friendly with. And when the copyright shit inevitably hits the government fan, it could pay off. Maybe. [The Next Web]



You guys should do more stories about Bitcoins and what they are and how they work. They really do have the potential to replace Fiat currencies. Buy em now while they are cheap!