There's been a lot of OSX Leopard news hitting this weekend. From video tours to embedded jokes at the expense of Microsoft, if you are interested in anything Leopard you've just gotta hit the jump. To those who don't care at all, we tried to save your eyes from a couple more Apple posts (that we'll later cash in for more iPhone coverage).


In "Windows share as seen by Mac OS X Leopard" we see just what the Apple networking team thinks about hooking up with the blue side of the force. [radr]

A bunch of Leopard walkthrough videos leaked. Here are three that are pretty good at showing off some of the new features:

Cover Flow



See the rest of the videos HERE. [brightcove]

Internal Roadmap Revealed?
Finally, MacScoop is RUMORED to have an inside source that laid down the Leopard development roadmap. The quick version:
- Major build on early August (menu bar & Dock tweaking)
- Final Candidate on early September (features locked)
- Four to six weeks to go Golden Master (uber testing)
- Release on late October (possibly delayed to November)


Mac OS X Leopard... [macscoop]

So now you know everything, again.


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