Mega Piranhas And Crabs Urge You To Board The Last Spaceship Off Earth

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The world of crappy remakes won't even stop with actual crappy movies. Asylum makes a Megapiranha movie, crabs continues ravaging France and two shorts worth your attention.

Asylum has eked out another shadow film, but the funny twist is, they're copying a crappy/funny scifi horror comedy Piranha 3D with a crappy probably not so funny or scary movie Megapiranha. But Tiffany - yes, that Tiffany - and one of the Brady Bunch kids is in it, so that's something. Take a look at the new images!


King Crab Attack
You've seen the first trailer for the massive French crab assault, now check out the second, with new claw-filled footage.


Back in August, we posted the trailer for this shorty. Since then, the entire short has been uploaded by the creator Dan Guad. Leap is about a youth who realizes he can jump between parallel worlds. After donning a scuba suit, he tries to control his ability but, naturally, disaster awaits. Check it out; the film is quite good looking, and I like what he tried to do with the two different worlds and the use of color in each (For some reason it reminds me of this story book about a kid that could transfer between his world and an underwater world through the mirror. But I can't remember that name!).



Leap from Dan Gaud on Vimeo.

S.S. Humanity
Matthew Ladensack's 17-minute short premiered at the Seattle's Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, but if you can watch it here if you missed the big debut. The shorty takes place in the future, where human beings have predictably ruined the planet, and the only other option is moving into the big black. The short follows one family as they prepare.

In the year 2210, humankind is faced with one option for survival: move to outer space. The most precious of Earth's natural resources have been depleted; the planet has been ripped apart by war and natural disasters. Survival of the fittest has transformed into survival of the luckiest when a family gets last minute tickets to board the Space Station: Humanity.


S.S. Humanity from Matthew Ladensack on Vimeo.