Megatech's Hydro-Fly Is Not For Kids

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Megatech's RC Hydro-Fly is a spectacular, land crawling, water skimming, sexy red, flying wonder toy. That's right, it does everything Batman can and more! The multi-tasking marvel, which would make your girlfriend's multitasking abilities look definitively lame, has an impressive 1000ft range. The body is constructed from durable Polynyolene, with high-torque motors giving the Hydro-Fly some serious oomph.


The package includes everything you need to send your toy soldiers, or very small children, manically accelerating towards the stratosphere. For $83.99 you receive; a tool kit to tweak your Herculean Hydro toy, a car charger, a standard power socket charger, and a 3 channel handheld transmitter. The Hydro-Fly will charge up in a respectable 20 minutes, is able to launch from any surface, is powered by 8 x AA batteries and stands a fairly large 50 x 48 x 6 cm. This mean machine is so bad-ass it carries an 18+ warning sticker, much like humans should once they reach the qualifying age, until they are 22 at least. What? It will make admissions at the cinema easier...and stuff. Point is the Hydro-Fly is kick-ass; we cannot wait to take it for a drive, swim and fly around the nearest nimbus stratus. [Product Page via Shiny Shiny].


"it does everything Batman can and more"

It does not have nipples.