Meizu Adding Live Messenger to iPhone Vaporware Clone

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The apparently incombustible Meizu CEO, Jack Wong, has just announced that they are going to add Live Messenger to their M8 cellphone, the rather pathetic and sad motherboard that wants to be an iPhone clone when it grows up (if it ever gets released). In other words: new vaporware announced for vaporware. The usual cynics are probably asking themselves "why should I care about this crap?" Which is exactly what we are asking ourselves right now. [Meizume—thanks Heartwork]



Wow, gee, it must be HARD to bring a device like the iPhone to market. Who would have thought? Gotta love those Chinese business practices, though. I think it goes something like this:

1. Show a glorious render of an impossibly thin device with a feature list which grants every iPhone-hater's wishes. Say it will ship "soon" at a comparatively low price.

2. Every month or two, release a slightly modified render. After 9 months, switch to physical prototypes. Drop one or two features with each iteration. Gradually increase thickness, and remove expensive materials from build. Raise expected price periodically.

3. Promise journalists interviews with executives and hands-on experiences with the hardware. After journalist travels halfway around the world to get to you, renege on all interviews, deny access to prototypes, and tell him, "you come back one month."

4. Ship a mediocre knock-off, at an unattractive price, after 16 months of hype. Product will bear only basic similarities (basic form factor, OS, radio) to the original concepts that got everyone so excited.