Meizu M8 Gets New Look, New Price

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Our favorite iPhone iClone, the Meizu M8, has gotten a face lift and new price. But interestingly enough, the M8's design (aside from growing 1/10 of an inch) has been altered to look less like the iPhone, ditching the shiny, metallic edges and rear for an iPod Touchesque charcoal shading. In fact, it looks almost just like the Touch. But I thought I was buying an iPhone knockoff! But no complaints, since the new pricing information has been released.


Still scheduled for a December release, the pricing has been slightly more finalized at $265 (4GB), $320 (8GB) and $400 (16GB). Sure, those prices don't look all that cheap...until you realize there's no two-year contract rebate involved. Wait a second...what does the iPhone really cost??? [meizume via wired]



my god... i would TOTALLY tap that so hard. Does it still count as a clone if it's superior in every way to whatever it's allegedly cloning?

hmm, 265-400 bucks up front for the phone + no plan, versus something else's forced slavery to a 2-year contract...