Meizu M8 iClone Finally Coming in August?

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Meizu will finally release the iPhone-wannabe M8 in August, according to a cryptic message board post by CEO Jack Wong. The first version will have 128MB RAM and an unspecified amount of storage, and a second version should ship in October with 256MB RAM and 8GB on-board flash. The funniest part? The M8 will cost around $320, or $120 more than the AT&T subsidized 8GB iPhone 3G here in the US of A. Luckily for them (and us) this probably won't see its way outside of China. [Meizu via Electronista]


Leonard Nimrod

@georgexu316: Your numbers and logic is bonkers. The charge for 450 minutes on AT&T is $40, not $60. the charge for unlimited/unlimited data is $30, not $10. This data charge is $10 more than the price last year, which was $20 for EDGE.

This is understandable considering the billions put into their 3G network this past year. It also brings the cost up to AT&T other data plans. Last year their plans were more than $30, but they lowered them, not they are all $30 for unlimited/unlimited across the board.

These prices are not excessive. On another note, if not for the iPhone offering $20 unlimited/unlimited last year with a useable browser I don't think the prices for data would have dropped from $40-$60 for unlimited/unlimited data to $30-$35 this year.

As for the Meizu M8, it can't be sold in the US, but even if you bought it abroad for $320 that is still $120 more than the iPhone's TCO as the price for similar service on AT&T is the exact same price. The only difference is the the lack of a contract, but that is only $175 to break at any time and falls by $5 each month.

I'm going to skip over the software and unification features that the iPhone has to those looking at theis device don't care about how well a feature works so long as it listed. Specs sheeters! Of course, being able to drag-and-drop songs instead of using an organization app or use for tethering is important to some.

PS: So now we have a tentative shipping date over a year and a half after the iPhone was announced and Meizu put up some nifty photoshops of what their knockoff will look like. I have a feeling that August will come and go and Meizu will have no M* for sale. I guess cloning other's IP isn't as easy it sounds.