Meizu MiniOne M8 iPhone-Clone Triples Buttons, Tries to Patent China?

Meizu's CEO dropped an interesting nugget about the hardware of the highly anticipated MiniOne M8. Apparently, the smartphone will feature three physical buttons, as oppose to a single one right in the center. That means it will differ from another phone that it bears a striking resemblance to. AND they're trying to patent this. AND that is going to do them a lot of good in native China. Of course, the new information means any screenshots we have seen of the hardware in the past are now inaccurate, from the front at least.


Meizu's trio button design is currently being patented, so images have not been released. Fret not. To tide you all over, an image of the front cover, taken from behind, has been released. Yes, from behind...just how you like it pictures of phone facias. Inset is a concept for the design in question; expect it not to look anything like the image suggests. [Meizume]

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