Meizu Miniplayer M6 Reviewed (Verdict: Definite iPod Nano Competitor)

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The internet has been on fire with talk of the Meizu Miniplayer and how it may just knock the iPod Nano off the top spot for flash based players. DAPreview reviewed the M6 and came away all smiles.

The player is small and thin, but has an iPod-like metal backing so it won't snap in your pocket. The sound is a little bass-heavy, but nothing exceptionally worse than the players currently out by Creative, Apple, or any of the other Korean DAPs. The DivX playback is only 18 FPS, less than the frame-rate of a Hollywood movie, but good enough for watching on the go.

Picture viewing on the screen in all but the sunniest of conditions is good thanks to the bright 320x240 screen. Other features like voice recording and e-Book reading are also passable.


One of the main draws will be the $199 price for the 4GB version compared to $249 for the 4GB Nano. Is the M6 up to the task of dethroning the Nano? Yes. But will it happen? Probably not. Apple's marketing is harder to beat than Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.

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