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The Meizu Miniplayer review we looked at yesterday is getting an "SP" edition. We think the SP stands for "So Poorpeoplecanbuyit", because all the features are the same, yet it's nearly $30 cheaper than the price of the standard edition.


The SP should still play back WMV/MP3/OGG/WAV/XviD files, still have the great screen, and still have the same scroll panel. We expect it will still not work with the Apple iTunes or PlaysForSure stores, but when's the last time a company took down the price AND added new features?

This price drop is only available in China for now, but if it reaches the US, $164 for a 4GB video-capable player is pretty darn great.

Meizu M6 SP = the same thing, only cheaper [dapreview via Crunchgear]

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