Though the use of drone strikes should still be an American moral crisis, the majority of America approves of the pilotless robotic missile strikes. And men overwhelmingly support the invisible killers compared to women.


The survey on drones, conducted by the Pew Research Center, show that 56% of the people approve of the use of drones. Only 26% flat out disapprove of the program. The differences in opinion between men and women are huge. Men approve of drone strikes more than three to one compared to women. Among women, 44% approve of drone strikes and 31% disapprove. It should be noted that almost every drone strike is against men (not that it makes it better or worse or anything).

It seems the biggest concerns people have about the drones is the possibility of endangering civilians as 53% of responders said they were "very" concerned about it. Check out the other stats on the drone survey here. [People Press via Carroll Doherty]