Men's Fragrance Designed For The Sophisticated Mobile Phone User

Does radiation have a smell? Mobiado, the professional/luxury phone maker has partnered with Bissol to introduce a fragrance that's targeted toward the luxury mobile phone user. As far as we know, mobile phone users don't smell any different than anyone else, nor are their noses more acute.

Perfume is the most expensive and concentrated of all fragrance levels. Perfume No. 919 is a clean, fresh, youthful scent with top notes of mandarin, juniper berry, elemi; middle notes of white musk, bamboo, oakmoss; and base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood.


Maybe the key word is "luxury", as luxury mobile phones usually cost into the thousands, which means those users have the spare change to drop on something like this. Smells like profit.

Press Release (PDF) [ via Textually]

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