Meridian's Latest 1080p Projector Is One Bad MF10

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How much contrast does one man need? Meridian's MF10 1080p projector is said to deliver 30,000:1, and for the low-end-automobile sticker price of $15,000. (Too bad it's not scalable: I'll settle for 10,000:1 for $5,000—or hell, a 30:1 for $15.) This projector doesn't use the more common lower-end engine based on TI's DLP chip, but a three-chip system based, like Sony's SXRD, on an LCD derivative called "liquid crystal on silicon." In this case, it's JVC's D-ILA technology. Each chip has the 1920x1080 resolution, and manages red, green or blue. There's a motorized lens with 2X zoom capability for smaller rooms, but who are we kidding? If you can afford this, you're gonna have a room big enough to do it justice. [Meridian]

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Too bad the price isin't comparable to a Sony SXRD. Well... the rear projection sets anyway (soon to go the way of the dodo). I'd throw my KDS-55A3000 up against any LCD or plasma any day.... er rather this month (due to display tech advancement speed.)