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Mesmerizing Video Captures What It's Like to Stay Indoors for Too Long

The director Oscar Hudson explains that his music video for Bonobo’s song No Reason is a film about staying indoors. I think it’s a magnificent take on that feeling when you’ve stayed indoors for way too long and you suddenly feel trapped and unable to escape because you’ve run out of things to do inside and the walls are starting to close in and you become a little crazy.


Hudson says all the visual effects are done entirely in-camera with the use of “a very small camera” and “a very big set”, I say just watch it and enjoy getting tripped the hell out.

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Nothing to do?????????????

1. pron

2. Civ 6

3. Pron

4. Fallout 4

5. Pron

6. Civ 6

7. pron

8. Sleep

Wash and repeat—-1 year is gone! Don’t ask me how I know this.