Illustration for article titled Metal Storm Robot Weapon Fills the Air With Lead, Shooting Anything That Moves

Here's a fearsome weapon from Australia that's not brand new but is now being considered for deployment by the US military: a kick-ass machine gun called Metal Storm. It's an Area Denial Weapon System (ADWS) that literally fills the air with lead without the need of a human operator.


The scariest part is that when you set this monster on auto, it can automagically fire 6000 rounds per minute at anything that moves. In this video after the jump, firing so many rounds so quickly sounds like a quick bark of a buzz saw. Imagine one of these in each hand of our upcoming robot overlords:


Come to think of it, I could use one of these guns in Gears of War against my battle-hardened and virtually unstoppable Gizmodo colleagues.

Metal Storm Area Denial Weapon System creates an iron curtain of bullets [Newlaunches]

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