Michael B. Jordan Talks Wakanda Forever and Kilmonger's Possible Return

Actor Michael B. Jordan as Kilmonger in Black Panther
Actor Michael B. Jordan as Kilmonger in Black Panther
Image: Marvel Entertainment

The topic of Black Panther and its sequel is an emotional one. Its leading man, Chadwick Boseman, passed away last August from colon cancer. Understandably, the cast has mixed emotions about returning to the set without Boseman.


Recently, actress Lupita Nyong’o commented on her feelings on shooting the Black Panther sequel. “I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like to step on set and not have him there. His passing is still extremely raw for me.”

Last week, Marvel revealed the title for the Black Panther sequel titled: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. On the Just for Variety podcast, actor Micheal B. Jordan gave his thoughts on the new title. “Nice. A good ring to it, I like that. I think that’s great,’ he says.

“We all took a hit with the loss of Chadwick [Boseman], so for them trying to figure out how to move forward, I know it’s not an easy thing to do. So the fact that they settled on a title and figuring out the story, I think is truly incredible. If anybody could figure [it] out, [it’s] Ryan [Coogler, director] and Kevin Feige [Marvel Studios President] and their wonderful producers over there is going to figure out the way to do it.”

There’s speculation that Jordan could be reprising his role of Kilmonger, or returning in another capacity. He recently cleared that up on the Jess Cagle show when asked the likelihood of his return on a scale of one to ten. “I’ll go with a solid two. I didn’t want to go zero. Never say never. I can’t predict the future.”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever arrives July 8, 2022. Check the Marvel film release timeline for information on all other Marvel titles.

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Boseman’s loss is so sad ,what a talent he was ,and what a shock .

I recently reached Fringe and saw him in a guest roll ,he was great even back then . At first I didn’t realize it was him ,I was simply thinking boy this guy is good ,it took me a half hour to realize it was him .

Not recasting the part ....is wrong . Sorry the character didn’t die only the actor,maybe don’t do a follow up film for a few years ? Because anything they do will feel ....wrong . Actors don’t own their roles , Others can play the Joker for example .

The only thing I really don’t get is he was sick and the suits at Marvel Disney didnt know ? One would think that they would have given all their actors full physicals before the casting .