Michael Jackson The Experience HD: Just Beat It

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I don't care who you are, at some point in your life you have moonwalked while singing a Michael Jackson song. Now Michael's joined the app world in a new rhythm game. Exploitation or fitting homage? You decide.

What's it do?

Michael's dance moves are legendary. While you probably can't pull them off in real life, the app's finger-drawing-based gameplay could get you leaning at 45 degrees during Smooth Criminal. The app also includes cut scenes from videos of the late pop icon with special features.


Why do we like it?

Everyone has a tapping-the-colored-buttons rhythm game. Drawing the protagonist's dance moves makes better use of the iPad's capabilities without numbing up your finger tips. This is a must have for Jackson fanatics and anyone that's wondering if Eddy Annie is okay. The criminal part of the app is that it only comes with four songs. Additional songs are in-app purchases. Eeehhh heeee!


Michael Jackson The Experience HD

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The Best

Dance with your finger

The Worst

Only four songs included