Microscope Shots All But Confirm the Next iPhone's 960 x 640 Resolution

Czech site superiphone.cz reportedly got their hands on a next-gen iPhone and did what any self-respecting iPhone superfanatics would: put it under a microscope. Up close and personal with those pixels, they confirmed the rumored 960 x 640, IPS dipslay.


After the most recent iPhone leak in Vietnam, far-flung iPhone appearances seem more credible than ever, and if this Czech leak is the real deal then it serves as confirmation of a long-suspected but hitherto unproven fact: the next iPhone's resolution will be 960 x 640. SuperiPhone.cz also reported that the phone's display uses IPS technology, like the iPad, for wider viewing angles.

When we looked at the next iPhone, we thought the resolution seemed higher, though (apparently short of a microscope) there was no way of knowing for sure. A 960 x 640 resolution would mean that the next generation iPhone would have four times as many pixels as the iPhone 3GS, allowing for drastically crisper text and more vibrant picture (and giving the next iPhone the distinction as having the highest pixel density of any smart phone). For comparison, here are similarly microscope-d shots of the Nexus One and iPhone 3GS, respectively:


We won't be sure of the next iPhone's 960 x 640 resolution until June 7, but these tests seem as good of proof as any that the next iPhone is going to be a pleasure to look at. [Superiphone.cz via Engadget]


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