Microsoft Confirms IPTV on Xbox 360, Windows Home Server - No HDMI/DVR Yet

Microsoft's confirmed the release of IPTV on Xbox 360, but there's no word of HDMI, DVR, or any video on demand features. Maybe they're saving it for later?


Along with IPTV, Microsoft is releasing Windows Home Server, which is essentially an OS for a headless machine to act as file storage for your home. Whether this will work together with IPTV on 360 is still up in the air, but we're betting on yes.

Other interesting items:

Microsoft and Ford are bed buddies
•Windows DreamScene makes your Windows Vista Ultimate backgrounds full motion video, sucks up more resources
•Windows MediaCenter SportsLounge works with FOXSports and gives you live TV and rela-time scores.
•Nickelodeon, Showtime and Starz giving exclusive content for Vista Premium editions


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Well, I think Microsoft will try to make an HDMI adapter (or if they need more bandwidth, I have heard of some products that use two USB ports instead of one, will 960 Mbps be enough for HDMI?) because the early buyers will be pretty pissed off about this.