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Microsoft Discovers Windows Phone Retailers Know Nothing About Windows Phones

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Discovers Windows Phone Retailers Know Nothing About Windows Phones

When you're preparing for a not quite make or break but still enormously important launch (hi, Mango!), you want your sales staff on their feet. So when Microsoft's secret shopper snoop squad discovered totally clueless employees, they scrambled. Hard.


Bloomberg reports that ol' MS is training up "hundreds" of employees to be able to actually discern Windows Phone 7 from its older, horrendous relatives. You'd think the difference wouldn't be that hard to tell—one looks beautiful and tiled, the other like a 1990 UI venereal disease—but that hasn't been the case.


We want Mango to be ripe, delicious, and successful, because a three player match is a lot better than two. Microsoft's phone push thus far has been oddly quiet, marked by a conspicuous paucity of promotion, exciting hardware, and a general "people caring" vibe. If the Mango/Nokia dream team slam dunk is going to reverberate, Microsoft needs to make sure its own people care before anyone else will. Sell those phones to moms, and the world is yours. [Bloomberg via BGR]

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They need to let the public know as well. I have not seen one commercial or advertisement (outside Giz) for a Windows7 phone. I think the average user woud be excited if they KNEW about it. The ordinary consumer knows and trusts Windows since its something familiar that they use every day, they just dont know there is an OS or phone thats currently available that has it.

MS-Send me one, I will gladly blab it to everyone I know, and lots of folks I dont know. :)