Microsoft EMG Research Would Let Users Strong-Arm Gadgets Into Submission

Mind control is one way to control tomorrow's gadgets. Here's another equally cool, equally complex way: Controllers that involve nothing but the electrical impulses taking place everyday in our muscle tissue.

The system, developed as part of a patent filed by Microsoft, uses a series of connectors attached to an armband. The armband leverages Electromyography (EMG). As you can see in the video, this creates a system that translates the electrical activity found in our muscles into instructions for a computer. Or a Guitar Hero air guitar.

The system in the video is shown as a forearm version, but further patent reading reveals a completely wearable network of sensors that would adorn a user's head, arms and legs.


So air guitar and auto-trunks are only the beginning, although we'd need to be extraordinarily aware of our gestures and arm movements should a system become more mainstream, don't you think? I'd hate to flip a guy off on the highway and have my driver's side door pop open. [Muscle Computer Interfaces via Engadget]

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