Microsoft Finally Hammers Down Windows 8 Release Date

Windows 8, you say?! Yes! Someone's talking about it, so when is it? About two years from now seems to be the "official" word from the Netherlands, although you'd be somewhat foolish to expect anything more concrete than that from Redmond.

In fact, the dubious timeline concession arrives thanks to a Dutch blog post, which quotes a Microsoft Dutch subsidiary as saying the very much amorphous, unconfirmed OS is under development but not due out for another two years at least.


Publicly, CNET notes that Microsoft execs have been incredibly hesitant to nail down their company's future Windows plans—desktop, server or otherwise.

Whatever the final result ends up being, one would think there'd be some kind of response built in that addresses many of Apple's ballyhooed new features from the past few years, including an app store, tablet and touch support and improvements, mobile, and the recent merging of iOS and OS X detailed in the Lion keynote. [CNET]



as a mac fanboy, i honestly do hope windows does something incredible and totally different from macs in their upcoming OS. im hoping windows would go towards more of an "advanced" pc system, more technical, and less user oriented. many people are definitely going to disagree with me, but im looking forward to still having both windows and mac on my computer someday, and using each for different purposes. after all, isnt it the more competition the better?