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Microsoft Focuses on "Immortal Computing" Concept

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Focuses on Immortal Computing Concept

If the thought of sending e-mail from beyond the grave sounds a little too sci-fi, think again. Microsoft is working on a new technology that'll let you send e-mails long after you've kicked the bucket. The project is being referred to as "immortal computing" and it's a way of storing and sending data to future generations, be it through e-mail or interactive holograms. Microsoft has even admitted to working on a new form of storage device that would involve no movable parts and use alternate means of energy. They wouldn't say how far into the project they were, though hopefully these holograms won't crash mid-message.


E-mail from the Grave? [P-I Reporter via Tech Digest]

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Maggot-grams? Immortal-Messaging? Death-Mail?

I'm not sure any of that would be appreciated by the loved ones still living. Make for a GREAT horror movie though.