Microsoft: Google Poops on Copyright

In a speech made yesterday to the American Association of Publishers, associate general counsel for Microsoft, Tom Rubin, called out Google (and its Book Search) for not respecting copyright. Alleging that "Google's track record of protecting copyrights in other parts of its business is weak at best," he asserted Microsoft's Live Search (Books) does protect copyrights.

Sniping at Google seems odd in a way—shouldn't Microsoft want Google to maintain their "cavalier" attitude toward copyright to keep driving business Bill's way? The other way to look at it is that the remarks go beyond Google and books—Microsoft makes loads of cash off of licensing its DRM schemes. Surveys says this was a message to future content providers and distributors to entrust their wares to Windows Media and other Microsoft DRM since it apparently cares so deeply about copyright.


Microsoft attacks Google on copyright [FT via Valleywag]
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