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Unnamed insiders are telling The Verge's Tom Warren that Microsoft is considering bringing Android apps to both Windows Phone and other Windows devices. Looks like the WP8 app ecosystem could get a lot better in the blink of an eye.


Windows Phone 8 boasts some rad hardware. Now-Microsoft-owned Nokia in particular, constantly puts out uniquely intriguing phones. But while the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem is improving, it's still decidedly the most app-barren. Android meanwhile is huge and still growing, and if Microsoft can offer Android-level compatibility with must-have services like Gmail or Chrome, it'll make Windows Phone instantly more appealing. You know, that and literally thousands of additional apps. As long as they run well, anyway.

Of course, Blackberry 10 also runs Android apps, and you don't see Z10s all over the place. But Nokia has a serious edge when it comes to hardware—and basically corners on the market of phones with really freaking serious cameras. Not to mention that if Microsoft really wants to up the ante on services and the cloud (as new CEO Satya Nadella is wont to do), part of that process is getting more Microsoft devices in more hands. Maybe even if it means putting a serious damper on native app development for WP8.


So we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. The rumor goes that such a move wouldn't happen until Windows 9 is ready, which will probably be in 2015. Hope you Windows Phone fans can hold out that long. [The Verge]

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