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Microsoft Mocks Apple's App Store

A sundial—casting a virtual shadow on screen—app, a one-pad Pong game, a great mustaches of the world catalogue, a virtual handshaking for germaphobes, and my favorite: The You Are Here GPS app. All rejected—and fake—Microsoft Phone apps.


Obviously, Microsoft thinks that there's a lot of crap in the iTunes App Store, so they have created this video of a fake Microsoft App Lab, where the Redmondnites test third-party developers apps for the Windows phone Marketplace. On one side, they want to highlight the stupid apps in the App Store. On the other, ridicule the iTunes App Store app approval process.

They think they got a point, but actually they don't. Sure. it's true, the iTunes App Store approval process can get really silly at times. But those are exceptions, not the rule. Usually, an app just gets approved, and nobody bitches about it.


And yes, there are a lot of idiotic apps in the Store. They fail to recognize, however, that many of those apps are, ironically, extremely popular. People like them and pay for them. I bet many prospective Microsoft Phone developers would like to enjoy the same success, and get loaded with a couple of days of development of one dummy, but happy idea.

More importantly, there are still tons of good, extremely useful apps and games at the iTunes App Store, which is why it still beats any other mobile store out there by an overwhelming margin. That's the reason that made Windows win the war against the Mac in the first place: The former software catalog—full of serious, fun, and plenty of dumb, crappy programs—dwarfed the latter.

So the question here remains the same: Does Microsoft actually have any significant number of worthy apps in store for Windows Phone users? The answer: At this point, who cares? [TechCrunch]

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I agree whole-heartedly with the irony of Microsoft making fun of another platform because of abundance of software. I believe the overwhelming availability of software, most of it cheap crap, is what made Windows my preference for so long. I knew if it was made, it was made for Windows, and wading through a bit of crap here and there was worth it, and sometimes I would like some of that "crap".

After playing around with friends' iPhones and using my wifes Macbook, Microsoft has one last shot with Windows 7 to keep me as a customer. #microsoftapplabs