Microsoft Multi-touch Sphere Plays 360-Degree Video, Trippiest Pong Game Ever

The Seattle PI has the first look at Microsoft's multi-touch Surface Sphere—simply Sphere—that we've known would debut this week. It's more advanced than Surface, since it has to use algorithms to round images, and uses an infrared system to detect hands and objects touching it. It plays omnidirectional video and what has to be the craziest rendition of Pong ever. The video shows a lot of amazing potential, but incredulously, it's just an ooh-and-ah project right now, with no commercial plans—it's just supposed to relay their vision of everything as a potential Surface. We're convinced, now make it happen. [Seattle PI]


This is what I've been wanting (and talking about) for 10 years now. My idea was to have an interactive globe that could change between different maps views (geological, political, etc.), show animations of continental drift, show different planets, and play videos about areas you touch.

It would be a great (and fun) educational tool.