Apple may have a bunch of booknerds with plastic-rimmed glasses manning the Genius Bar, but Microsoft is ready to counter with their own Windows Gurus. According to Wikipedia, "Some Gurus ask for unquestioning obedience." Weird choice, Microsoft.

Microsoft posted ads looking for Windows Gurus in California, New York and Maryland (in addition to the ads they've already posted), and the skills required are pretty much what you'd expect: Deep knowledge of Windows, enthusiasm, able to think on your feet, blah blah. We'd add that if the Guru Bar (or whatever) is similar to the Genius Bar, Windows Gurus will have to be really effing good: There's way more variation in Windows hardware and hardware mods are a lot more common than in Macs, so if you want to have a general-purpose service station, you're going to have to know your Windows backwards and forwards. You can find the listings here. [Thanks, Jobbi!]