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Microsoft Offering Vista-to-XP Downgrade Option to Anyone, Not Just OEMs

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Offering Vista-to-XP Downgrade Option to Anyone, Not Just OEMs

While many sites today are claiming that MS is only offering Vista-to-XP downgrade discs to OEMs, CNet Asia found out that Microsoft support will allow anybody with a copy of Vista Ultimate or Business to call and request a downgrade disc themselves, just like it says in the license terms. So there you have it, any Joe Schmo can pick up a Vista downgrade disc as long as they have a nice enough version of Vista. [CNet]


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You think thats all bad? Try running Vista Ultimate — but instead of the 32-bit version, the 64-bit version of doom.

Now, granted, it was my choice to install Vista 64-bit on my system, but it was mainly for experimental purposes. When MS sent me both copies (I was on their beta team —- our incentive package at the end was a copy of both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate) I decided it would be fun to run 64-bit on my dual core system.

Never have I had so many problems right off the bat.

First off, I had a brand spankin new X-Fi Elite Pro system that I had just put in to my case that Vista absolutely HATED. Every time I tried to play music or anything, the screen would freeze at random moments and this high pitched scratching/squabbling noise would come into my headphones, which would cause me to throw my headphones off and nearly impail my Viewsonic LCD because of it hurting my ears. Looked for literally about 3 months for a fix for it (which, btw, even if you still look today there are thousands of people still having the problem I had) and Creative couldnt help me (their tech support is just about equal to crap. Every time I called in, they would "send me an email" with what I needed to do to fix the problem.) and finally in the end it turned out that it was my nVidia drivers for my Ethernet ports that was causing a problem for my sound card because of the way that Vista was built. Um... I'm sorry, but does that make sense to ANYONE else? I finally had to just disable my ethernet connection entirely when I was in Vista and totally wipe my drivers for the controller and connect now through to the web using my wifi card. Mind you, this is just one problem — I'll spare you on the rest.

Luckily for me I was smart enough to make a dual-boot system: 1 for XP Pro and 1 for Vista. Suprisingly, they play nicely with one another and haven't had any problems with running one because the other is on, but still 8 months down the road from getting my copies of Vista I still do just about everything in XP, and just run Vista every once in a while so it doesnt screw up on me.