Microsoft Offers Free Software in Exchange for Your Privacy

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Offers Free Software in Exchange for Your Privacy

Want a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate direct from Microsoft, no piracy required? Don't care about your privacy? Have I got a deal for you! Microsoft is offering up free copies of Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate, Money Plus Premium, Student with Encarta Premium and Streets and Trips, all for free. All you've gotta do is allow them to track your every move for a few months.


Yes, Microsoft is looking for people to help test its new "Windows Feedback Program," and isn't afraid to reel people in with bribes. You'll have all of your computer usage tracked for three months, and you'll also need to submit to surveys every two weeks. As long as you don't mind Papa Gates and his menagerie knowing just how often you look at your ex-girlfriends Facebook profile, it's actually a pretty serious amount of free software for almost no work at all on your part. Not that I'll be taking part, mind you. I respect myself and my privacy. But hey, don't let me stop you. I won't tell; your computer will do that for me. [Windows Feedback Program via Notebook Review]


@jeblis: Eh? My copy of what? The Autofeedback program? Pff. I've ghosted my XP machine several times and haven't had any problems.

If you're talking about the Vista I'll get in 3 months, do you really think they're going to remember the machine I was working with then modify a fresh copy of Vista specifically to the machine I was working with or for the machine of anyone who signed up? .... Umm. yeah.