Microsoft Prepping Service Pack 3 for XP for Next Month

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Good news for you stubborn, Vista-wary Windows users still rocking XP: Microsoft is prepping Service Pack 3 for your reticent asses for next month. This is almost certainly the last major update for the OS before Microsoft really, officially gives up and hopes and prays that you just upgrade to Vista already, as they won't be selling new copies of it anymore as of the end of June. [The Inquirer]


Broken Machine

@AZTriGuy: For starters, I have a Powerbook G4 and Front Row in installed. While the interface is nice, and for pure multimedia, you might like Front Row for files on the HD, Media Center has some features which benefits me: Namely DVR functionality and extender use.

I've played around with Front Row, but do not have a tuner for the Powerbook, so maybe it has some DVR functions, but I'm sold on the Media Center. I use it in combination with my Xbox 360 as an extender. I have a web interface that allows me to record a show from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Extender option is nice, I'm actually going to be buying a new Xbox as an extender for the upstairs so we can watch playback up there. It's like a Tivo for the whole house. Right now, I have the server in the basement (believe it or not) connected directly to the 2nd floor TV using ethernet USB 1.1 extenders and component video and digital audio baluns (would have been cheaper to get a 360 Pro, but it was before I had a Media Center OS)

What I don't like? The inability to retain Album art means it has to repopulate EVERY time it loads. The fact I had to buy a whole OS for this application, and the fact I cannot get WHS with a Media Center Server application.

That being said, would I give it up? With the rumours of an AppleTV with DVR functionality, yes. I would gladly get an AppleTV with DVR, another without and (hopefully) have the same functionality, no 24hr Server, save power, make things a bit simpler (I don't need a dedicated Tivo/file server computer)