Microsoft Surface + Xbox 360 = What?

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Stefano from onthetabletop attended CHI 2008, where several members of the Microsoft Surface team was there tossing around ideas. One of the more interesting ideas, besides slimming down the table so it could fit inside spaces smaller than bars and AT&T stores, was shoving an Xbox 360 inside. Why would you do this? To allow the 360 to become an additional control input mechanism, possibly making RTS games SO MUCH EASIER TO PLAY. Will it happen? Who knows. These guys could have just been just daydreaming possible features to impress female attendees. [On the Tabletop]


But I feel like the biggest plus of Surface is interaction with objects. If you're playing an RTS that's just fingers and you can use any old touch screen or big tablet to do that. In my opinion surface's best use would be for productivity applications.