Microsoft Will Launch Outlook for Mac in Late 2010; No Office for iPhone News

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Today Eric Wilfrid, GM of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit announced a Business Edition of Office for Mac, and promised a new version by holiday 2010 that would include a bonafide Outlook for Mac. There was no Office for iPhone news.

Yes, when the press conference was called, there was some speculation that we'd hear about an Office app for the iPhone, but alas, such was not the case. The first order of business was a streamlining of the current Office for Mac lineup into two editions, the Home and Student version currently on shelves, and the Business Edition ($399 full; $239 upgrade; available Sept. 15), which has, in addition to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage, the new connected applications, Entourage Web Services Edition and Microsoft Document Connection. See what details there are here:


The more exciting news for Office devotees, however, was that Microsoft was building a true version of Outlook that could be as powerful as the Windows version of Outlook, but built on Cocoa to run smoothly and seamlessly in the Mac OS. No more second-class citizen Entourage—full Outlook is on its way.

Me, I still want to muck around with Excel spreadsheets on an iPhone, but oh well. [Mactopia]