Microsoft's First Surface Game Will Thrill Out-of-Work Entomologists

The first game for Microsoft's Surface table has been demonstrated in an exclusive peek by, and all I can say is, it combines the spine-tingling excitement of a mobile-phone puzzle game with the spine-achiness that comes from hunching over the screen to play.

The game is called Firefly, though the good ship Serenity is nowhere in sight. Instead, you grab fireflies as they flit around the screen, pulling them into your glass jar. The graphics are beautiful, and the interface looks very organic, so we have no doubt Surface will eventually lead to some sweet gaming. But this appears to take the "anyone can play" theme a little too far, to the nursery-schoolish "anyone can win."


As Doc from SarcasticGamer says, "Anyone can herd fireflies." True, but most people would probably choose not to. []

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@baltwade: Sure multi touch is great and all, but I'd want to use my forearms to gather the fireflies and not my fingers. Can Surface track one big object as well as several small ones?

That has implications far beyond an innocent FireFly Game.. if you catch my drift here...