Microsoft's Latest iOS Creation Is a Selfie App We Don't Need But Whatever

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For over a year, Microsoft’s been doing something interesting by making great apps for other mobile operating systems, like Android’s Arrow Launcher and Outlook, arguably the best Gmail client on iOS. But this one is a little more run of the mill.


This is Microsoft Selfie and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Take a picture. Beautify your features. Slap on a filter, and that’s pretty much it. In the app description, Microsoft says it takes skin tone, lighting, and age into consideration before offering up filter suggests, so it’s probably packing in some image recognition know-how gleaned from its age-guessing algorithms.

There’s also a neat little button the bottom right corner that lets you quickly compare the original photo to your now, carefully edited creation. Other than that, it’s a super simple and free selfie app. It’s not here to set the world on fire, it’s just here to make your face better to look at.


[Free - iOS]

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There Wolf, There Castle

Hm, the suggested dewrinkle soft-focus filter has worked wonders on my penis selfies. I think I’m ready to hit primetime.