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Microsoft's Minimum Required Specs For Windows Mobile 7 Point At High-End Feature-Laden Phones

Illustration for article titled Microsofts Minimum Required Specs For Windows Mobile 7 Point At High-End Feature-Laden Phones

We've been so caught up in the Windows Mobile 7 launch date rumors, we almost forgot about Microsoft's supposed leaked minimum specifications requirements. After all, this is a company that issued maximum Windows 7 netbook specs.


Supposedly, Microsoft's weighing down on hardware manufacturers wishing to create tidy little phones for the platform, with the following list of minimum specifications garnered by Eldar Murtazin, the editor of leaky site Mobile-Review:

- 1GHz processor
- 3.6-inch WVGA display
- G-sensor accelerometer and compass
- 8GB of internal storage
- 5.0-megapixel camera


I've got to say, if Murtazin is on the money with this list of minimum requirements, then we're in for a treat—though potentially an expensive one, with some of those specs bound to push the cost of each device north-ways. [Eldar Murtazin on Twitter via Unwired View]

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Joe Stoner

These specs are absurd. What kind of processor? Even AMD and Intel have difference performance at a particular clock speed on comparable models.

The display has to be a certain physical size? Not just resolution, but physical size? That's a design requirement, not performance for the OS.

And what kind of G-sensor accelerometer and compass? If it's required, MS would have drivers for supported models.

Is the storage total, or what's available for applications (and the OS)?

And a camera requirement?? Completely ridiculous. No other device that isn't primarily a camera runs on an OS that requires a camera.

This is a shopping list by some WinMo fanboy who isn't quite up to the mental task of not just listing what he wants in a WinMo phone.